Our Process

Straightforward, stress-free solar installations

With our flexible payment options and highest-rated local service, it’s never been better to go solar in the Northeast. Our in-house team of trained experts can have your transition to solar complete in under two months.

In-home consultation

During your free consultation, we’ll walk through your pricing options and each step.

Site Assessment

Our trained engineers schedule a visit to your home, measuring your roof down to the inch with drone footage.

System Agreement

After our site assessment, we put together a quote and share the final numbers, performance expectations, and price.

Design & Permitting

Our certified engineers finalize the design and planning, handle applications and permits, reserve rebates, and coordinate with your utility company.

Installation & Inspections

Installation is typically completed in one day. Afterward, we handle your electrical inspection, a quality check, a safety walk-through, and guide you on using your in-home monitoring system.


Now that you’re the proud owner of an Venture Solar system, sit back and enjoy the savings. Our team is readily available to help with maintenance and other needs.

What do the solar panels look like?

Our Panels

What locations do you serve?

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