LG panels save you more money.

Backed by 25 years of research and development, LG solar panels offer superior quality, field-tested performance, durability, and reliability.

What makes LG panels better?

No Front Side Contacts

LG contacts are threaded into the cell allowing more sunlight to be captured instead of the surface area being covered by a conductor. This allows LG panels to generate more electricity from day one.

Cello Technology

LG panels have 12 conductors per cell, versus 3 conductors per cell from conventional panels. This allows the electricity to move more freely, keeping the panels cooler and operating better. Think of it as a 12-lane highway versus a 3-lane highway.

Reinforced Frame Design

Enables long-term reliability against all weather – high winds, snow, high temps, and low light.

What does this mean for you?

Not only do our panels produce more power right away, but they also produce more power over their lifetime. On the same roof space, we are able to generate 70% more energy over the life of your system, which means thousands more in savings for you. More power to start means more power over the life of your system.


6KW= 22 panels fill-up the roof


6kW = 18 panels


7.5kW = 22 panels, even more power