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Rhode Island Incentives

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Solar panels on roof of residencial home

Net Metering

Net-metering allows Rhode Island homeowners with eligible renewable energy systems to receive bill credits for all power generated up to 125 percent of the on-site consumption during a billing period. Your renewable energy system must be sited on your property. Eligible customer-sited net metering systems must be sized to meet on-site loads, based on a three-year average of electricity consumption at the property. The decision is binding for the lifetime of the contract.

Renewable Energy Growth Program

Residential Customers will receive a bill credit for energy and the system owner will be paid the remaining Performance Based Incentive (PBIs are set by the RI Distributed Generation Board, approved by the RI Public Utilities Commission and applicable from 4/1/23 – 3/31/24). Residential customer systems must be sized to produce electricity at a level not greater than the historic or estimated annual usage of the receiving customer. Residential customer projects must be located at a customer residence that receives electric service under the Basic Residential Rate A-16 or Low-Income Rate A- 60.

Solar Sales & Property Tax Exemptions

Rhode Island has a 100% sales tax exemption for eligible renewable energy materials and a residential property tax exemption.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal government offers a tax credit that covers 30% of the cost of your solar energy system. This isn’t a write-off or a deduction, but a dollar-for-dollar credit against your income taxes for the year the system is installed. You are eligible to claim all of this in one year.

What Homeowners are Saying

“I tried getting solar with two other companies. Nobody gave me the service I needed until I found Venture Solar. They gave me the best experience ever and I can’t recommend them enough!”

— Austen B., Rhode Island

“Venture Solar’s panels are low profile, effective, and a great value for the money. They stand up to New England’s crazy weather, and are not ugly on my roof!”

— Denise C., Rhode Island

“Excellent experience. From the sales call to the installation and now the monthly savings I’m seeing on my electric bill. I highly recommend Venture Solar.”

— Jonathan L., Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents can save on home batteries

With our new home battery solutions, you can store excess energy generated from your solar panels and have backup power during outages, ensuring a seamless and reliable energy experience for your home while allowing you to save even more.

  • Eligible for 30% federal tax credit
  • $870 credit per year with Tesla Powerwall
  • $1,280 credit per year with Enphase Home Solar Batteries

Maximized Savings

We’ll help you access all state and federal tax incentives, net metering, and other rebates to cut your system’s total cost.

25-year Manufacturer Warranty

Your panels are covered by a 25-year manufacturer warranty, giving you both peace of mind and all the benefits of solar.

Best-in-Class Equipment

We’ll custom design plans for your home and use best-in-class panels and micro-inverters to make your home the talk of the town.

Flexible Payment Options

On top of maximized savings, we require $0 down, and offer monthly payment options lower than your existing electrical bill.

Thinking about going solar?

We’ll tell you how much you’ll save. Get a quote to learn how much you could save on your electric bill within seconds.

Attention to detail.
Durable. Best-looking.

We offer the most efficient, durable, and best-looking home solar system on the market. Our minimal microinverters allow each panel to operate independently, making the system highly reliable and functional. You can easily monitor your solar system from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Don’t just save on electricity – enhance the look of your home with our sleek and efficient solar panels.

  • Made in the USA
  • Cellular-based microinverters.
  • All black panels. Always.
  • Leading technology from top brands.

Custom designed.
Installed by local experts.

We know that solar systems shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, so we customize and tailor our solar solutions to meet your specific needs.

We’ll provide a dedicated and certified in-house team to keep you informed every step of the way. We’ll help navigate local regulations and ensure you’re taking advantage of all the available incentives.

You can trust Venture Solar to provide you with a personalized and hassle-free experience.

  • Our in-house local team of installers are experts.
  • 25-year protection plans and energy guarantees.
  • A new system up and running in under two months.

Flexible payments.
Peace of mind.

We believe that you and your home deserve the best. With our 25-year Service & Protection Guarantee, flexible payments, and reliable technology, we are committed to providing you with the savings and the peace of mind you deserve.

  • A better energy service at a better price.
  • Local experts and national support.
  • Superior customer service and online tools.

Our customers couldn't be happier.

1,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Rob, Connecticut

I wanted a company that did not sub-out the install, a company that stood behind the product and its people. That is Venture Solar. From the sales rep to the office staff, to the guys that showed up on a gloomy day to do a complete installation in a single day.

Michelle, New York

The install was flawless, and they followed up to make sure we were happy with everything. Our electricity bill has gone from hundreds of dollars a month to literally only paying Con Ed the $18  in monthly fees. We recommend Venture Solar to anyone looking to go solar!

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