Solar Savings in
Westchester County

Superior, quality solar panels
giving you a cheaper energy bill from day one!

Take on all the sun
in Westchester County.

Get Your Money Back

Take advantage of local rebates and tax credits, and get money back!

Cut Your Energy Bill

No more high-cost electricity bills. Take control of your energy.

Boost Property Value

Our system increases the value of your home and saves you money.

Store Extra Energy

Store excess energy made during the summer months and use it later.

$0 Down + $6,000 Property Tax Abatement

Westchester County residents see some of the biggest solar savings in the country, starting with a property tax abatement that cuts your taxes by $6,000! Other statewide incentives include the $3,000 NYSERDA Rebate, and the $5,000 personal tax credit. On top of that, the Federal Investment Tax Credit covers 26% of costs. Going solar also makes you energy independent. You get a discounted electric bill, at a predictable rate. Take control of your energy bill today!

Out of 5 Stars (300+ Reviews)

“I’m more than pleased with the service and help I received from Venture Solar. From start to finish, everything was very smooth and efficient. My husband and I are extremely happy with our savings every single month. We have been installed for three months so far, and [Venture Solar] truly stands by their word.” —Nada

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“I have spent an entire career in the customer service field so I can speak with a high level of familiarity with service quality. I was completely, and totally impressed from start to finish throughout the entire project with Venture Solar.” —Chris G.

“Everyone at Venture Solar was great. From start to finish, they keep you informed of the process and all information from money to logistics upfront.” —Melina S.

“Great company and friendly staff…They were very professional. They explained the whole system to me and I was able to save a lot on my electricity.” —Andrew A.

“I am absolutely thrilled that I used Venture Solar. They were terrific from the very start, the salesman Steve Kohn was great, he made the whole process of signing up very easy. Their office staff was wonderful, taking care of everything behind the scenes from getting the permits to the design, all top-notch. The installers were amazing, arrived on time and took care of the installation so professionally, very efficiently and left my home immaculate.” —Maureen M.

“Solar installation was extremely professional. My panels are discrete and strategically placed. Venture Solar was in touch every step of the way and made the process simple and stress-free. I highly recommend Venture Solar.” —Caroline Y.

Flexible Payment Options

Monthly Lease

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Finance to Own

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Outright Purchase

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SummaryLowest cost, immediate savingsFlexible ownership option. Own your system with no upfront cost.Own your system
Upfront Payment $0 Down*$0 Down*Full system cost
Monthly PaymentsLow lease paymentsFixedNone
Payment TermsMonthly payments5-25 YearsNone


Monthly Lease
Finance to Own
Outright Purchase
Included Care & Maintenance
Energy Monitoring
25 Year System Warranty
Tax Credits
Property Tax Abatement

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