Advantages of Venture Solar

LG panels generate 70% more power per square foot than conventional panels on the same roof space, and 20% more power, watt for watt, than conventional panels over their life. Our panels are more efficient, so we can offset more of your electric bill and save you more money right away. Not only can we generate more power right away, but we can generate significantly more power over the life of your system, because our panels stand the test of time and are backed by our 25-year product and performance warranty.

The Most Powerful Solar Technology Available

Not only do our panels produce more power right away, but they also produce more power over their lifetime. On the same roof space, we are able to generate 70% more energy over the life of your system, which means thousands more in savings for you.

Better Warranty
We offer a best-in-class 25-year product and performance warranty backed by LG. It covers your panels, and your racking and inverter are covered by comprehensive warranties as well.
Better Value
More power means more savings and more savings means a greater return on your investment. No other solar manufacturer or installer can save you more than we can. We guarantee that claim or we’ll give you $100 to go with the other guys.
Better Technology
Our panels generate more on the same roof space—20% more. That means we use less space, provide better aesthetics and power generation. Don’t buy yesterday’s technology when our panels hold the world record.
Better Aesthetics
Our panels boast fewer visible parts and “float” on your roof with our non-invasive rails. An integrated microinverter means no need for large inverters on the side of your house. Our LG panels are the most modern and best looking on the market.

The Best-In-Class Home Solar System

Experience the industry’s highest standards for energy efficiency, value, and performance. As a partner to LG panels, we proudly use smart and simple EnPhase microinverters an an IronRidge racking system with Camo clamps. All together it’s the most efficient, reliable, and attractive home solar system on the market.

Don’t Just Go Solar, Go Venture Solar