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Save Big by Switching to Solar in Queens

Do you know when is an excellent time for residents of Queens to save big on their energy bills by going solar? Right now. And we’re here to do it for you. You can cut your monthly bills in half by choosing a SunPower solar energy system. Because Queens averages around 230 days of sunlight a year, using solar PV systems to generate your own electricity is an excellent option.

We, at Venture Solar, basically do everything for you. Right from the first consultation call to the installation and monitoring. We assign a dedicated project manager to your project, who ensures smooth execution at every step. Our experience in installing solar projects in each borough of New York City has made us a pioneer among solar energy dealers in your neighborhood.

In the past 5 years, Queens’ installed solar power generation capacity has multiplied by 5.6 times. The cumulative value of energy generation capacity of installations in Queens has reached 34.63 megawatts (as of September 6, 2017). To put this into perspective—34.63 megawatts is enough to power close to 5,800 homes.

In the history of solar energy, solar technology is at its best right now, and solar panels at their cheapest. So if you have been thinking about switching to solar, we have the best technology available, at the cheapest cost—starting with as low as $0 out of pocket. Venture Solar has helped thousands of homeowners make the switch to solar energy. We’re based in Brooklyn, and know New York City inside and out. We customize our services to fit all your needs and find a solar solution that makes the most sense for you.

If you live in Queens and your roof gets plenty of sun, give us a call at 800-203-4158. Our solar experts will take over from there, and do all the work, while you enjoy the various benefits of going solar.

Solar Incentives in Queens

There are several incentives that you can qualify for by going solar in Queens. Depending on your site and needs, we can calculate how much money we can save you, starting with as low as $0 out of pocket. With our financing and leasing programs, you can start with no cost and save money from day 1.

Combined with various tax incentives, such as NYC Property tax abatement ($6,000), NY state personal tax credit ($5,000), Federal investment tax credit ($9,900) and NYSERDA rebate ($3,000), you end up saving tens of thousands of dollars by going solar!

Solar Purchase Benefits
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Solar Tax Incentives
Benefits of Solar Leasing
Solar System Installation Process

Fill out the contact form to provide us with basic data about your home or business, the proposed area for the solar panels, and your contact information. Our advisors will call you to clarify details if necessary and plan a visit to your home or business. A solar consultant will meet with you to explain the solar installation process.

We schedule a site survey with you, at your convenience. During your site survey, we will measure your roof, check any shading you may have (from trees, other buildings), the condition of your roof and we will examine your attic and your electric service.

Our engineers will take this information and use it to custom design a solar solution for your home. Your energy consultant will come back out to show you your final options. Once approved, we will move forward with the installation.

Depending on the system size, the installation takes 1-2 days. Our in-house installers deliver the most professional, hassle-free service and our customer service representatives are always available to answer all of your questions.

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