Solar Panel Payment Options

Go solar for $0 out of pocket and save from day one.

Install Your Panels for $0 Out of Pocket

At SunPower® by Venture Solar, we make switching to solar easy. With flexible financing options, solar savings are a possibility for everyone interested in owning their system. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in purchasing your solar panels outright, or looking to finance solar panels with $0 down, we’ll work together to choose the right financing option for you.

Solar Lease Explained

Solar leasing in New York City has made going solar easy and affordable. New York City homeowners can now go solar for $0 out of pocket, immediately lower their electric bill and lock in their cost of electricity for the next 20 years! We cover all of the upfront costs, including equipment, engineering, permitting and installation. Additionally, we will take complete care of your system, which includes any required maintenance, insuring the system, monitoring the production 24/7 and we also give you an annual production guarantee.

$0 Down Payment

Solar leasing makes the switch to solar easy and affordable. It allows you to go solar with $0 down and save money from day one. We’ll pay for the equipment and the installation, you simply pay less for your power right away. Not to mention, we’ll fix your rate for the next 20 years, so you have locked in savings for decades to come!

Unmatched Warranty

We’ll take complete care of your system. We will insure and maintain it at no cost to you, so if your system ever needs any service, it won’t cost you a dime. Even better — we’ll monitor your system every day and we guarantee the production so if your system doesn’t perform as expected, we will send you a check for the difference.


NYC residents can cash in big on local incentives. NY State will give you a $5,000 tax credit for installing your panels, so your first $5,000 in lease payments goes right back in your pocket. In addition, New York City will lower your property taxes for 4 years for installing a solar panel system.

Solar Purchase and Financing Explained

Owning a solar energy system is one of the safest investments you can make. Our solar panels come with a 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty that includes service, so your only risk is that the sun stops shining… permanently. Solar panel financing and purchase options allow you to maximize the savings on your system. Our flexible financing options allow you to own your system with $0 down with terms of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years and can be paid off at any time without a penalty. Whether you choose to purchase your system outright or finance, you are entitled to all of the available rebates and incentives. In New York City the federal, state, and city incentives will cover approximately 70% of the cost of your system, making solar an economical option to power your home.

Maximize Your Savings

The solar system and the energy — it’s entirely yours. Many customers in New York find that owning their panels is the quickest path to the biggest solar savings. When you own your system, you are entitled to all of the rebates and tax credits available and all of the energy your system generates is free. Solar ownership will maximize your savings over the life of the system.

Peace of Mind

SunPower® panels come with an industry leading 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers the parts, labor and power output. SunPower® is a publicly traded, profitable company that has been manufacturing solar panels for 30 years, since 1985. SunPower® is the only solar manufacturer that has been around longer than their warranty and will guarantee your project for decades to come, so you can feel good about the warranty behind your system.

Reliable Performance

SunPower® panels are more efficient than conventional panels and perform better over the long term, due to their high quality components and patented manufacturing process. In fact, a SunPower® panel will produce 20% more power than an equivalent conventional panel over the life of the system. SunPower® panels will not only produce more energy today, but more energy over their life, to maximize the return on your investment.

How Much Will I Save?

Every home is different, so we will prepare a custom analysis for your home, based on the available area for solar panel installation and the amount of electricity you consume annually. We use high efficiency SunPower® panels, so we can generate more of your power and offset as much of your electric bill as possible. Savings will vary based on your site conditions, so get in touch with us to schedule your free solar evaluation. Once your panels are paid off, your electric cost is zero for the solar energy they produce. With a solar purchase or finance, you stand to save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your system with zero cost of maintenance.

We pay a lot for our electricity in New York City. Because ConEdison has one of the most outdated infrastructures in the country, NYC homeowners stand to save significantly more by going solar, than anywhere else in New York State. A typical homeowner in NYC will be able to lower their electric bill by 20-30% from day one and lock that price in for the next 20 years. The immediate benefit is that it is cheaper, but the long-term benefit is that it is a fixed, predictable price that will never change. In addition to saving money on your bill every month, NYC homeowners are eligible for two incentives—a $5,000 New York State Personal Tax Credit and a 4-year New York City Property Tax Abatement.

What Are My Incentives?

Whether you choose to purchase your system outright or finance it, you are entitled to all of the rebates and incentives available. NYSERDA will pay an upfront cash rebate for your system to lower your cost, the federal government offers a 30% federal tax credit that is uncapped, NY State gives homeowners a 25% personal tax credit that is capped at $5,000 and NYC will lower homeowners’ property taxes for 4 years for installing a solar panel system. The federal, state and city incentives will cover approximately 70% of the cost of your system, making solar an economical way to meet your home’s energy needs.

The personal tax credit is a dollar for dollar credit up to $5,000, so for every dollar you spend on solar, you will get a dollar back at the end of the year, for up to 5 years. Think of this as if you got all the money you spent with ConEdison back on your New York State tax return. Additionally, you will receive a 4-year reduction on your NYC Property Taxes for installing your system. This abatement can range from $3,500 to over $10,000 depending on the size of your system and your solar specialist will be able to tell you exactly what you will receive once they analyze your home and electric usage. We will take care of all of the paperwork for you with the New York City Building Department, so that you don’t have to.

Why Consider Solar Financing?

Solar financing has made owning a solar energy system possible with $0 out of pocket. Before financing was available, homeowners who wanted to own their system had to pay for it upfront and recoup their investment over time through their monthly electric bill savings. With financing programs in place, homeowners can now own their system with a monthly payment that is less than their current electric bill. Solar financing is a smart decision for homeowners to take control of their electric costs. Right now, the money you spend on your electric bill does nothing for you. You pay your bill and you get another one next month. With solar financing, you are taking the money you would have otherwise spent on electricity and investing it into a system that will produce electricity for free on your rooftop for years to come!

Why Consider a Solar Purchase?

When you purchase a solar energy system, you are essentially buying your electricity for the next 3 decades today at a massive discount. After incentives, you will pay about 25% of what the system costs and save thousands every year on your electric bill. Since all of the energy your system generates is free, you no longer have to deal with rising electric rates with the utility company. Homeowners like owning their system because they know they have made a sound investment that increases the value of their home, lowers their monthly expenses, and will save tens of thousands of dollars on their electricity for the life of their system with the peace of mind of SunPower’s 25-year warranty.

Why Consider a Solar Lease?

Solar leasing is one of the easier and more affordable ways of going solar. Our staff services the entire project for the life of your system. We pay for everything up front on your behalf and we guarantee the productivity of your system in advance. We’ll monitor your system every day and if it underperforms, we send you a check for the difference. NYC residents can still cash in big on local incentives. NY State will give you a $5,000 tax credit for installing your panels, so your first $5,000 in lease payments goes right back in your pocket. In addition, New York City will lower your property taxes for 4 years for installing a solar panel system.

What’s the Catch?

By this point, most people would agree this sounds like a great deal—lower my electric bill by 20-30%, fix my cost for 20 years, get a $5,000 tax credit and lower my property taxes. So, you’re probably wondering what’s the catch? The only catch is qualifying. In order to qualify, you need to have a home that receives adequate sunlight, has sufficient roof space to install a solar array and have a credit score of 650 or higher. If that sounds like you, you may be on your way to saving tens of thousands of dollars by switching to solar with $0 out of pocket. New York State is currently paying thousands of dollars upfront for every system through its Megawatt Block Program, so that homeowners no longer need to make an upfront contribution, but this program won’t last forever. Every time a homeowner goes solar, there is less money available, so now is the perfect time to find out how much you can save.

How Do I Qualify?

This is the easy part. All we need to do is quickly evaluate your home for solar, based on a satellite image, analyze your electric usage and set up a no obligation consultation with one of our solar specialists. They will walk you through the program, answer all of your questions, and design a custom solar solution for your home to meet your needs.