Community Solar

Join your city in going solar

Going solar is an option for everyone

Even if you don’t have a roof, don’t own a home or don’t get enough sunlight. A community solar project is a large group of solar panels installed in a location that gets a lot of sun. These panels generate a large amount of energy, which is then channeled to homes in the city. Clean energy is delivered straight to your NYC home and credited to your bill.

Sunpower’s Community Solar Project, located in Flushing, Queens is a 1 MW project, set to deliver renewable energy to 165 homes in New York City. We bring to you the option to buy cheaper, cleaner energy, generated locally in your city. Lower your electric bill immediately, with no upfront costs. Your yearly savings will equal *one month of free electricity per year!

*Average savings approximately 10% off of your electricity bill, which equates to annual savings equivalent of one average month of utility payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a way for customers to obtain the benefits of solar without having any panels installed on their roof.  This enables people who live in apartments, condominiums and other residences to go solar.  These customers are all part of a “community” of solar energy supporters who obtain their power from a large solar project built within their utility district.


How does Community Solar work?

The customer goes to the community solar website and signs up.  They will receive an email to register and then upload an electronic copy of a recent utility bill.  Then, the customer will go through a credit check process and, if approved, will be provided a contract to sign.  The contract will provide them the ability to purchase energy credits from SunPower at a fixed price and a fixed escalator for 20 years.


What are the benefits to Community Solar customers?

There are no roof requirements for the customer to install a solar system.  There are no system configurations or roof shading to take into account.  The customer is able to purchase energy credits at a fixed price and a fixed escalator for 20 years.


How does a customer sign up for Community Solar?

To sign up for Community Solar the customer needs to go to our website and click through the online screens.  The customer can also call 347-305-7999 and speak with a sales representative, who can help them enroll in SunPower’s Community Solar program.


How do I know if I am in a utility zone that offers Community Solar?

Once the customer enters their address in the Community Solar website, they will be given an immediate response about whether they live where Community Solar is currently offered.  If they are not within an area that currently supports Community Solar, they can provide their contact information. They will be contacted if a Community Solar project is later enabled in their area.


Are there any upfront payments for Community Solar?

There is no cash payment upfront to sign up for Community Solar.  Once the project has been built and energized, the customer will pay SunPower for their energy credits received monthly in accordance with their contract.


Does the customer need to have good credit to qualify for Community Solar?

The Community Solar customers will need to go through the steps here and meet SunPower’s eligibility requirements in order to qualify.


What type of contract does the customer have to sign?

The contract signed by the customer is a power purchase agreement with SunPower, and the term is 20 years at a fixed price per kWh and a fixed annual escalator.


What happens if the project isn’t built?

The customer will continue to receive their usual form of electric bill from their existing utility and have not payment obligation from SunPower until the community solar project is built and energized.  If within 2 years of the date that the customer signed the contract the project is not built, then either SunPower or the customer may cancel the contract via written notice.


How will the customer be billed?

Community Solar customers will receive energy credits from their existing utility on their monthly utility bill for the solar energy generated from the subscribed portion of the community solar project. They will then be billed by SunPower monthly for the amount equal to the energy generated from the subscribed kilowatts of solar project multiplied by a specific cost per kWh.  Customer’s net saving is the difference between the energy credits received from the utility and the amount they pay SunPower.


What happens if the customer moves?

If a Community Solar customer moves, then as long as they continue to reside within the same utility zone, then they can continue. This will happen under the same arrangements per the terms and conditions of their contract.  If they move out of the utility zone, then, pending credit review and satisfaction of appropriate criteria, they may contact SunPower to transfer the contract to another person. Or they can terminate the contract based on the contract terms.


What happens if the customer passes away?

If the customer passes away then the successor-in-interest or “testamentary beneficiary” may provide written notice of intent to terminate within 60 days or assume the contract.


How do I find out the status of my Community Solar account?

Once you are registered as a Community Solar customer then you will be able to log into your account via the above website.  Your username is the email address provided when you registered.


Does the customer own the solar panels or system?

No.  The solar system is not owned by the customer.  The customer is signing a contract to purchase energy credits from SunPower.  They will not own any part of the solar power plant that is constructed.


Who do I call with questions?

For any question about this program, you can call us at 347-305-7999.