We are a rapidly growing solar company specializing in premium solar installations. Venture Solar is the first LG Platinum Pro Partner headquartered in New York City, recognized for consistently high-quality workmanship, installation and customer service.

If you are interested in a career in solar energy, we want to hear from you. We are looking to fill our part- and full-time roles:

  • sales representatives
  • canvassers
  • solar installers
  • roofers
  • electricians
  • operations associates
  • customer service associates

Reach out to Paulina:

Please email your résumé to Paulina at along with a cover letter specifying the role you are interested in. We will reach out to you within 48 business hours.

  1. Venture Solar is different from other solar companies, because we do everything in house. That means we employ electricians, installers, salespeople, warehouse managers and customer service people to join our growing workforce.
  2. Millions of people in the US are already employed in solar careers, and this field is poised to further grow the US economy. Solar energy is among the most dynamic industries in the nation and in 2016, solar employment expanded 17 times faster than the overall economy.
  3. You see more and more solar panels driving by homes, parking structures, schools and businesses; solar panels are now visible everywhere as an ever increasing number of people and companies begin to tap into this unlimited resource called the sun! Solar is in demand and supported by the US government, New York State and of course, New York City.
  4. This booming growth in the solar industry means more jobs, and Venture Solar is hiring! Employment opportunities at our company include jobs in engineering, construction, sales and installation. Our engineers design new systems and improve existing technologies to generate and distribute solar power. Our electricians, plumbers and solar photovoltaic installers install highly efficient residential and commercial solar projects.
  5. The Solar Foundation estimates that the largest growth in the solar industry in the future will be in occupations in solar installation, including photovoltaic installers, electricians and roofers with experience in solar installation.