SunPower® Solar Panels vs Conventional Solar Panels

Are you considering installing solar but unsure what brand of panels will make the most sense for your installation? It is important to consider the long term value that your system will deliver taking into account performance, warranty coverage, and aesthetics. SunPower® makes the highest efficiency solar panels that are available for residential applications. SunPower® panels generate more power today and they generate significantly more power over their useful life. A SunPower® system will maximize your savings potential with solar.

High Efficiency

SunPower® has a patented process for manufacturing their solar panels that results in a higher efficiency silicon cell, which is the main driver of your roof’s productive capacity. SunPower® panels are 30% more efficient than most conventional solar panels. This means you can generate the maximum amount of power possible with a SunPower system.


SunPower® panels have a sleek, elegant design with black frames and black cells. The panels have a rear contact so you won’t see metal lines on the front of your panels that you would see with a conventional solar panel. SunPower®’s Invisimount racking system will result in a low profile solar array that is flush with your roof.


A SunPower® system will produce 70% more power than a conventional panel over 25-years. This extra power gives you flexibility in system design to avoid areas of your roof that would be less productive due to obstructions and shading. Additionally, a SunPower® system can potentially leave you extra room on your roof to expand you system in case you have an electric car or hot tub in your future.

Peace of Mind

Conventional panels come with a 10 or 12-year warranty that covers the parts; that’s it. A SunPower® panel has a 25-year warranty that covers the parts, labor, and power output. The SunPower® warranty is hands down the most comprehensive warranty available for solar. SunPower® was founded in 1985 so you can feel good that the company warrantying your panels has actually been around longer than their warranty.


Although a SunPower® solar panel system will cost more than a conventional solar panel system it will produce significantly more power, have zero cost to maintain, and perform for decades beyond a conventional solar panel system which means you will save significantly more money with a SunPower® system on your roof. If you are considering solar make sure you consider what is being installed because not all solar is created equal.