Conventional Solar Panels Vs. Sunpower Panels

Another way SunPower is innovating is in the efficiency of their solar panels. Conventional solar panel productivity ranges from around 15-17%, but Sunpower panels can reach up to 24.2% efficiency! This increase in productivity will save you more cash on your solar investment when compared to the other providers. Quite simply, SunPower has a superior technology.

Sometimes people get hung up on quality of service, or a big brand name, but it is important to keep in mind your end goal: to maximize efficiency, long term savings and asthetics.

Conventional Solar Panels

Conventional panels are significantly less costly, however these conventional panels are not very effective in small projects like condos, schools or residentials homes. This is why a more productive, compact and efficient system is needed for these smaller installations.

Sunpower Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are built in such a way to to confront the hardest weather conditions; temperature swings, dampness, hail, battering winds, and so on. This is the reason you can rely on SunPower solar panels perform in peak condition for more than 25 years.

Below is the comparison of Conventional solar and SunPower panels:

SunPower® Solar Panels vs Conventional Solar Panels

High proficiency: If we consider proficiency, Sunpower panels are 30% more productive than conventional panels. Sunpower has a patent protected procedure for assembling their solar panels which delivers superior output from the silicon cell, which is the primary driver of your rooftop’s capacity. Poor climate and years of abuse can damage and lessen power creation and proficiency of conventionally built solar cells. This is not the issue with SunPower panels because they can sustain the “wear and tear” of the elements while maintaining their power output.

Aesthetics: With SunPower panels, you don’t need to give up style for superior performance. SunPower panels create power in smaller spaces, making the panel placement simpler and more robust. Smaller foot prints on roofs are an alluring solution which provides the power generating objective while maintaining a look that homeowners can be proud of. Unfortunately, with conventional panels, you have to have a bigger footprint and arguably “uglier” roof profile to get the same power level as a SunPower system. The math is simple; a SunPower panel produces 60% more energy over the initial 25 years.

Adaptability: If you look at the records from the most recent 25 years, SunPower solar panels are 70% more adaptable than a conventional panel. This additional option gives you the adaptability in system design to maintain a strategic distance from areas of your rooftop that are too shady or at the wrong angle. A custom system from SunPower can address these issues and make sure you can maximize power from the space you have available.

Guarantee period: Conventional solar panels come with an estimated 10-12 years of guarantee that covers the parts. SunPower panels provide a 25 year guarantee that covers the parts, work, and power output. The SunPower guarantee is far more complete when compared to a convention solar panel installation.

Money savings: SunPower solar panels are a bit more expensive conventional solar panels, but this added expense is more than made up in the performance of the system. SunPower delivers more power, less cost to maintain, and perform for significantly longer when contrasted with a conventional solar panel. A small savings on the front end, can end up costing you a lot more year-over-year by lack of significant energy savings and a shortened lifespan of the product.

Which panel is the best?

Every home and project is different and so the “best” panel for any home is going to depened on the circumstances of that home. That being said, going solar with SunPower solar panels is the typically the best decision because the technology and service are the best in the industry. When investing in your home and your energy you don’t want to be cheap. Furthermore, because the installations pay for themselves via savings, selecting a cheaper product is going to actually be quite a bit more expensive in the long run.