From Solar Space Lasers to Texting: 5 Weird Renewable Energy Sources

What if you could harness the full power of the sun’s energy … from space? With recent developments in renewable energy technology, that sci-fi vision may become a part of our future.

In the face of climate change and limited amounts of fossil fuels, we need wild ideas like solar panels in space in order to encourage the out-of-the-box thinking that gets innovation flowing. But while solar power is a hugely powerful resource that can do everything from charge your phone to fill an entire home’s energy needs, the potential for renewable energy doesn’t stop there.

You’ve probably heard of wind power and hydropower, but what about using the waste from whisky distilleries to power 9,000 homes? That’s exactly what’s happening in Scotland, which matches the country’s goal for renewable energy to supply 100% of the country’s electricity demand by 2020!

Whisky is only the tip of the iceberg — you won’t believe some of the energy sources that could power our future. Check out the infographic below to read about the five weirdest renewable energy sources in development today!

weirdest renewables Green Futures InfographicResource: https://greenfuture.io/sustainable-living/weird-renewable-energy-resources