Worried about maintaining Your system?

We’ve Got You Covered With Our Unmatched Warranty

Solar can help you save money on your utility expenses, but some homeowners are worried about maintaining their systems over its life and potentially running into unexpected costs.

A solar energy system comprises of three major components; solar panels, an inverter, and a mounting system to attach the panels to your home. The great news is that there is absolutely no moving parts on your solar energy system. This means your system has very little wear and tear and is unlikely to require any maintenance.

All of your major components will be covered under our warranty, so that in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with the system, you are completely covered and have no cost to repair it!

Our systems all include a monitoring system that will allow you to make sure your system is working properly. We understand that not everyone wants to have to check on their system’s performance all the time, so our team constantly monitors our fleet to ensure that your system is functioning properly. If we notice something is wrong, we will reach out to you to set up a complimentary service call.