What to Expect at Your Venture Solar Consultation

Congratulations — you’re one step closer to energy independence and lower electric bills. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Does the meeting time and date still fit your schedule?

  • In order to keep our scheduled appointment, we need a confirmation from you. We will call you within 24 hours of your appointment for confirmation. 
  • If we happen to miss you, please call us back at (800) 203-4158 to confirm.

Please note that if we are unable to confirm with you, we will not send a representative to your home. If the scheduled appointment is no longer convenient for you, we would be happy to find another time that works for you (or anyone else who would like to hear the information).

What does a solar consultation with us look like?

In preparation for your consultation, please locate a recent electric bill. Your solar consultation should take about one hour, during which we will:

  • Take a look at your roof and electric service to discuss your options for where your solar equipment will be installed.
  • Review your electric usage and how much power your roof can generate.
  • Explain the incentives that you are eligible for.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Find a solar solution that meets your needs.