Waiting for better technology?

A New Age in Solar Technology

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Just look at the advances we have seen in our televisions; every year they get bigger, better and cheaper. The reality is that solar energy technology isn’t new, but the economics of solar technology are. In fact, the first solar cell dates back to 1883 and it was patented in 1888.

Solar technology has been fundamentally the same since its inception. We still use silicon cells to convert sunlight particles into usable electricity. The technology has certainly come a long way since 1883, but in recent history we’ve seen much bigger changes in the price of solar than the efficiency.

Our SunPower panels are the most efficient solar panels available in the world today. We are mass producing panels that are over 22% efficient and have set the world record for converting sunlight into electricity. Our panels produce 70% more energy over their life than conventional solar panels due to our proprietary, patented technology.

Many of the current solar incentives are time sensitive, so for most people, the cost of waiting outweighs the slight difference in technology that waiting a few years can make. Stop waiting and start saving!