The Only SunPower Master Dealer Headquartered in NYC.

In order to create a world renowned brand, Sunpower has hand selected 20 of their 1,200 global partners to become Master Dealers, and SunPower by Venture Solar is the only SunPower Master Dealer headquartered in NYC.

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What does it mean to be a Master Dealer?

There are 1,200 SunPower Dealers globally.
There are 20 Master Dealers worldwide.
Only one is head quartered in New York City.

SunPower only awards the Master Dealer designation to companies with a proven track record of providing an unparalleled customer experience and best in class installation. All of our engineers and installers are SunPower Master certified.

We're Masters

The first and only SunPower Master Dealer in NYC. We only deliver the highest quality systems and service.

A solar project is meant to be on your roof for 25 years. Wouldn’t you want your system installed be a Master?

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Venture Solar is a SunPower Master Dealer

We’re SunPower® Masters

In order to create a world-renowned brand, SunPower® has hand selected 20 of their 1,200 global partners to become Master Dealers, and SunPower by Venture Solar is the only SunPower® Master Dealer headquartered in NYC. This distinction is only given to solar installers that meet the highest quality installation and service standards. At Venture Solar we believe our customers deserve the hardest working, most reliable solar panels and we are very proud to be recognized for our commitment to quality.

30 Years of Solar Innovation

Since 1985, SunPower® has been leading global solar innovation. SunPower® has grown to become a world leader in the solar industry by inventing new technology, raising standards and breaking records.

With more than one million hours of performance analysis, SunPower® leads the industry with the most efficient and reliable solar energy products. As the only SunPower Master Dealer in New York City, Venture Solar is proud to be backed by this innovative and trusted company.

American-Made From Start to Finish

SunPower’s® success began right here in a U.S based manufacturing facility that operates close to 24 hours a day. SunPower® solar panels are put through the most rigorous and highly accelerated lifetime tests in the industry to ensure that the highest-quality solar panels make it to your doorstep.

Once the product is ready for installation we work diligently to install solar panels at record speed, installing 10 modules per hour while competitors typically install 5-6 modules per hour.

Efficiency That is Light Years Ahead

Not all solar is created equal. SunPower® has spent over a quarter of a century crafting a product that is more efficient than industry standards.

For example, it would take 25 conventional panels to create the energy that 18 SunPower® panels can produce. That means less space on your roof and more power for your house.

As a result, SunPower® leads the solar panel industry with the world record for energy production.

Maximum Output from Maxeon Technology®

SunPower® has developed new solar panels with their very own Maxeon Technology®. This technology has revolutionized the design and functionality of their solar panels.
SunPower® panels capture more light because there are no wires in the front of the panels’ cells. The copper-backed design of the cells then go to work, producing the ultimate output.
This technology is combined with highly durable polymer glass to provide a product that is not only more efficient, but also more attractive than other conventional panels.

Brave the Elements

SunPower® solar panels surpass the competition by combining intuitive design with the most durable materials available.
Made from highly durable polymer glass and copper backing, SunPower® solar panels are able to withstand conditions that conventional panels cannot.
SunPower® solar panels are built to to hold up under intense conditions such as tough rain, heavy hailstones, extreme temperatures and even hurricane-grade winds.

Energy with Longevity

SunPower® creates products that are designed to last. In fact, SunPower® solar panels have a life expectancy of up to 40 years. On top of that, they are backed with a 25-year-warranty, so your solar panels are always protected. We know, it’s pretty impressive. They also offer 24/7 monitoring and around the clock services.

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