Advantages of Venture Solar

SunPower® panels generate more power per square foot than any other panel available. Our panels are more efficient, so we can offset more of your electric bill and save you more money right away. Not only can we generate more power right away, but we can generate significantly more power over the life of your system, because our panels stand the test of time. Watt for watt SunPower® panels generate 20% more power over the life of your system, and over 60% more power on the same roof space.

The Most Powerful Solar Technology Available

Not only do our panels produce more power right away, but they also produce more power over their lifetime. On the same roof space, we are able to generate 75% more energy over the life of your system, which means thousands more in savings for you.

Better Warranty

We offer the only 25-year bumper to bumper warranty on the market, no one else comes even close. It covers your panels, racking and inverter and it all comes from one company. We are the only complete solar solution manufactured by a multi billion dollar US based, publicly traded company that has been in business for 30+ years.

Better Value

More power means more savings and more savings means a greater return on your investment. No other solar manufacturer or installer can save you more than we can. We guarantee that claim or we’ll give you $100 to go with the other guys.

Better Technology

Our panels generate more on the same roof space—30% more. That means we use less space, provide better aesthetics and power generation. Don’t buy yesterday’s technology our panels hold the world record.

Better Aesthetics

Our panels boast 70% fewer visible parts and “float” on your roof with our invisimount rails. An integrated microinverter means no need for large inverters on the side of your house. Our all black X-21 335AC panels are the best looking on the market. Your spouse will approve and your neighbors are will be jealous.

The Only All-in-One Complete Home Solar System

The SunPower Equinox platform is a testament to our design philosophy—when technology is designed to work together, it works better. No other system is designed and engineered by one company. From solar cell to software, SunPower Equinox systems generate more power, are more reliable and look better than conventional home solar power systems.

Industry’s Best Combined Power and Product Warranty

We are proud to offer a 25-year warranty as efficient and dependable as our solar panel technology. In the unlikely event that you have an under-performing solar panel, we will repair or replace the panel and reinstall it on your home.

Peace of Mind

SunPower is 100% committed to innovative solar solutions. They are a publicly traded company backed by Total, the 11th largest company in the world, so you know that SunPower is here for the long haul. With over 7 million panels installed worldwide and an industry leading 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, it’s no wonder SunPower panels are the most popular choice in the United States.

More Power More Savings

SunPower’s Maxeon cell technology is the highest efficiency solar panel available, which means we can generate more power and save you more money. In fact, a SunPower system will produce 75% more power than a conventional solar energy system over its life. More power today, more power for life.

Increase Curb Appeal

SunPower Signature Black solar panels make a statement about your good taste while reducing your monthly energy statement. SunPower offers a sleek, black profile with no gridlines. Not to mention SunPower’s new invisimount racking system. You’ll have the most efficient and sleek solar energy system on the block.

Proven Experience

With a 30-year track record of innovation and performance, SunPower is the clear cut leader in solar technology. Other manufactures try to imitate while SunPower continues to break efficiency records. More major corporations and homeowners are choosing SunPower as their trusted solar solution.


Our high efficiency panel leaves room for expansion and more options for complex roofs with multiple obstructions. Roof space is a valuable commodity and SunPower panels help you maximize your roof’s potential with our smaller footprint and bypass diode technology to mediate real life conditions.

Mr. Popular

Rated #1 in durability in third-party testing, no other home solar technology stands up to the elements better that SunPower, even in the most  challenging conditions — hail, snow, extreme temperatures and hurricane-force winds.

Don’t Just Go Solar, Go Venture Solar