How does it all work?


More power with SunPower, over conventional panels


Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. With a solar system on your roof, you will produce your own electricity, directly from the sun.

Net Meter

Your net meter keeps track of all of your solar energy production, so you get credit for all that sunlight being soaked up on your roof.


Your inverter converts the electricity into usable form for your home, and can also provide power during a blackout.


We monitor your system actively, and you can too, using SunPower’s mobile app or through your online monitoring portal.

Roof Top Solar Panel

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. When the light particles (photons) hit solar cells, an electric current is generated, so that you can power your home with the power of the sun! The electricity generated on the roof runs down to your main electric panel and is distributed throughout your home as necessary. You won’t notice any difference in the quality or strength of electricity between solar power and utility power. You will, however, notice a lower electric bill every month.


Your solar panels create direct current (DC) on your roof, but to power our homes, we use alternating current (AC). Your inverter switches the DC coming from your panels to AC, making it usable. Apart from that, the inverter also provides electricity during blackouts. When the power goes out, the inverter’s special feature called a Secure Power Supply allows you to use the power your system is generating, through a dedicated outlet. This outlet can provide 1,500 watts, which is enough to run the average refrigerator, charge your cell phone, or run other basic electronic devices.

Secure Power Supply

Net Metering

In the beginning, your utility meter only spins forward. Your electric bill is determined by how far forward your meter spins, which is why the utility company reads it every 30 days. When you make the switch to solar, we coordinate with your utility company to have a new meter installed, which can spin backward as well as forward. During the day, solar systems typically produce more electricity than we consume. This extra energy is sent back to the grid, making your meter spin backward. You get credit for the excess energy you produced. At night or on days where the sun doesn’t shine, you will burn off the excess credit you sent the utility during the day. The purpose of the net meter is to serve as your bank and to make sure you are credited for any extra energy you produce. You own all of the electricity produced on your rooftop, and all of the energy generated benefits you because it is significantly cheaper than the utility company.


With our monitoring service, you can keep track of all of that power being produced on your roof. We install production and consumption monitoring on every system, so you can track not only how much energy your system is producing, but also how much energy you are consuming. No guessing games here. We will help you set up your smartphone, tablet or computer with everything you need to monitor your system. In addition to that, we receive a weekly fleet report with every system’s details, so if you need service, we’ll know before you do.

Solar Power Monitoring