Think you can’t afford to go solar?

Going Solar is a Steal Compared to Traditional Electricity

Everyone knows that solar is good for the environment and can help save you money, but we still hear from homeowners that they think solar is expensive. When, in fact, compared to what we pay for electricity from the utility company, solar energy is a steal!

The cost of solar has come down significantly over the past decade, as more and more people are choosing to harness the power of the sun. Declining prices combined with generous local incentive programs have made solar more affordable than ever.

In fact, most homeowners choose a program where they have the system installed on their home with absolutely no upfront cost at all. In addition to installing the system with nothing out of pocket, you will save money on your monthly electric bills. The amount you will save will depend on a few factors like how much you spend on electricity, the size of your roof, how much sunlight you receive, and which incentives you qualify for.

Our solar advisors can help you answer all of these questions and calculate how much you will save, down to the dollar. Solar is not just for wealthy environmentalists anymore!

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