Don't Like the Look of Solar Panels?

Our new Equinox® system provides you solar savings in a sleek, elegant style.

Hottest Panels On The Block

Don’t like the look of solar panels? We don’t either. Most systems have blue panels with metal lines on them, large boxes hung on the side of the house, and pipes running in between to connect the two. This can certainly detract from the beauty of your home, but luckily now going solar doesn’t have to mean turning your home into a science project!

Our new Equinox® system uses an all black panel with no white backsheet or metal lines and is 30% more powerful than a conventional solar panel. This means fewer panels on your roof, for a sleek, elegant layout.

Our panels feature a built in microinverter so you no longer need to hang those large unsightly inverters on the side of your home. In fact, our Equinox® system has 70% fewer visible parts than conventional solar panels.

You can now proudly wear your solar badge of honor with superior aesthetics while savings tens of thousands of dollars by making a smart investment in your home and our renewable energy future.

Don’t take our word for it

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